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A Note From Mrs. Laura Regarding Classroom Management

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Caterpillar Lane! I’d like to introduce you to my classroom behavior management plan. Classroom management is an important element of a positive, nurturing learning environment. Clear, developmentally appropriate rules have been created to help students understand what is expected of them in the classroom so they can successfully navigate the school day. These rules will be reviewed on a regular basis and posted in a prominent area to remind students of expectations and to guide their behavior. When classroom rules are respected your little one can focus on what really matters, having fun and learning! 

Here are our class guidelines:

  1. We are kind. 
  2. We use our words. 
  3. We solve problems. 
  4. We have helping hands. 

To monitor behavior, we will be using a fluid behavior chart. Like the class rules, this chart too serves as a salient, visual reminder for self-regulation. Here’s how it works. Each child will have a name tag that can move up and down the chart throughout the day and everyone begins the day on the Green Square: Ready to Learn section of the chart. One poor choice does not make a “bad” day, but rather, children can change their position on the chart at any time based on positive or poor behavior choices. Most importantly, this communicates to your little one that their choices do not define them. Poor choices do not make “bad” children, but rather people can make poor choices, and then they can recover from them with a little work. Your child’s position at the end of the day will be recorded in your child’s brightwheel account, the app we use to keep track of your child’s meals, snacks, nap, personal accomplishments and more. Brightwheel can be accessed via PC, tablet or smartphone. This app includes a school calendar and a “message teacher” tool that you can use to reach out to me at any time. Directions for access as well as user names and passwords will be provided in a separate handout to follow. 

The idea behind the behavior chart is to promote a growth mindset; the belief that abilities and performance are not fixed traits but instead a product of hard work and persistence. A growth mindset lets your little one know they are in control of their behavior and their learning. It communicates that through perseverance and effort, they can shape their minds and their behaviors to achieve whatever they want. We all have tough days, cranky days, the occasional Monday blues, and sometimes we don’t make the best choices. The important thing is that your child understands that they can take control of their behavior and bounce-back from those choices. In fact, they can recover from any setback, behavioral, academic or personal because they are resilient. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to me.


Mrs. Laura Walker

AKA Mrs. “Won,” Mrs. “Lala,” Mrs. “Sada,” Mrs. “Wah”

Daily Schedule

Caterpillar Lane daycare in Dallastown daily schedule  incorporates curriculum in  mathematics, literacy, social and emotional development,  science, the arts and approaches to learning.  

Children follow familiar routines  and rituals for daily activities and transitions to promote a sense of security and  well being.  

Children are  provided with  a nutritious breakfast, lunch and two snacks  daily. 

Schedule times may vary depending on the needs of the class and the needs of each child on any particular day. For more information please send an email or feel free to pick up the phone and call!